Easy peasy logging for Laravel apps

Collect the logs from all of your Laravel applications in one convenient place. No proprietary server agents to install, just one Composer package.

composer require loglia/laravel-client

Powerful searching

Loglia allows you to use powerful search and filtering tools to dig through the noise and find the logs that you're looking for. Use filters to narrow down your logs based on their context data, or use full text search to find logs based on their message.

Powerful searching

Log every HTTP request

Log every HTTP request that hits your app including the URL, response code, headers, response size and the time it took to complete the request. Loglia automatically correlates logs with the requests they came from, so you can easily see what your app did during the lifecycle of a request.

HTTP logging

Identify your slow queries

Loglia can log every SQL query your app executes, making it easy to find the slow queries that are hurting your app performance. Spotting N+1 query problems is a snap too.

SQL logging

Bring your team members

Loglia has excellent team management features. Invite your team members and assign them roles based on what they should be able to see. Your team members will be able to search the logs of every application the team owns.

Team management

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